Updated message from President Reinhard Schmidt:

Dear Transylvania Club members and friends,

      I hope and trust that you are all staying healthy and safe. These are truly remarkable times but I firmly believe that if we all listen to the guidelines provided, we can get through this together and be better for it in the end. We have all seen some amazing displays of kindness and consideration shown by many people, and it truly makes me proud to see the strong Canadian spirit.

      As you all know, this pandemic has caused all of the German Clubs to cancel their events so far, and we don’t know how long it will be until we are able to gather again. Soon, I hope. With no events ongoing, and nothing really to report, it was decided by the Board of Directors that we would not produce the Nachrichtenblatt for June/July. We are relying on social media, email and the Transylvania grapevine to spread whatever little news there might be. Once there are any significant changes in the social restrictions which are currently in place, we will advise everyone.

      Until then, please stay healthy and stay safe. Keep in touch, make those phone calls and video chats to your friends and family. Pull up a chair in the driveway and sit in the sun and wave to your neighbours. We are Saxon….we are strong. We will get through this.
      I miss you all. Stay safe.

Reinhard Schmidt

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