Cancellation: Mitgliederabend

As we come closer to May, the Board of Directors of the club have decided to cancel Mitgliederabend, which was set to be held on May 2nd. We are staying cautious for our large demographic and believe it is in best interest to cancel this event.

We look forward to the day we can all celebrate again together and collaborate under one roof. Stay safe and stay healthy!

A little message from our president, Reinhard Schmidt:

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to touch base and say hi. I hope everyone is OK and healthy. These are certainly unique times but we know that this too shall pass. I trust you are all staying home and practicing proper social distancing if you need to leave the house. The weather is wonderful right now – go outside and take a leisurely walk around the block, wave to the person standing out on their front porch sipping their coffee.

I truly miss our interactions, our events, our social gatherings. Humans are creatures that thrive on social interaction so you don’t have to be a hermit during this interesting time. Pick up the phone and call that friend, get involved in a video chat or visit someone from a safe distance while you stand in their driveway and they stand on their front porch. We did that with our grandchildren today as they came to visit.

I look forward to the day when we can get together again and greet one another with a warm handshake or hug.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Hope to see you all soon.

Choir Concert Postponed

Due to the continued uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the health and safety of our members is a top priority, the Choir Concert Scheduled for April 4th has been moved to a tentative alternate date: June 27. We will monitor the development of the virus crises and make a definite decision and provide more information when it is possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the following events have been canceled:

AGM 2020

Due to the increase in concern and confirmed cases of the Covid 19 virus within our Region and that many of our club members are elderly and thereby more susceptible to this virus, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to cancel our Annual General Meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 22nd. With no firm timeline now as to how this pandemic will play out, we will reschedule both events when it is appropriate. We would ask everyone for their patience and understanding through this situation. Thank you.

Modenshau Fashion Show:

We regret to inform you that a decision has been made to cancel the Transylvania Club’s Ladies’ Auxiliary Modenshau fashion show because of the on-going concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our guests, vendors, and volunteers remains a priority and, therefore, we will follow Canada’s Public Health Services’ recommendation to suspend all public gatherings of large groups.
We will be refunding all payments for tickets. Please contact the person who sold the ticket to you.

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