Becoming a member at the Transylvania Club has its perks! This list outlines all of benefits of becoming a member.
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Membership Privileges

1. Social Groups:

The Transylvania Club provides members with access to many social groups such as our Choir, Brass Band, Youth/Dance Group, Children’s Group, Seniors Group and Ladies Auxiliary. Additional groups are supported as interest permits.

2. Heritage:

Our Club provides a social atmosphere and a gathering place for people of similar background and heritage. This environment allows for the maintenance and practice of Saxon Heritage beyond traditional family life. Our Club sponsors events such as Trachtenball, Oktoberfest Parade, German Pioneer Day, Heimattag, Choir and Band Concerts, Frauenball, and Club Picnic.

3. Family Participation:

This privilege allows your family including your children and grandchildren access to quality instruction in the groups listed above and enables them to form lasting friendship bonds.

4. International Youth Group Rally:

Your children have the opportunity to participate in youth group rallies in Europe, USA and Canada. The Alliance of Transylvania Saxons organizes an international youth gathering every second year. This event is rotated through all participating countries (Austria, Germany, Canada, U.S.A., Romania).

5. International Culture Exchange:

These events organized every 8 years through the Alliance of Transylvania Saxons provide cultural exchanges for Club Groups. Our Brass Band, Choir and Dance Group have been participants in past years.

6. Reduced prices at club events:

Members receive a discount for Club related functions.

7. Newsletter:

Each member (or family) receives a newsletter several times a year, which provides information of Club activities and events.

8. Rooms for Practices and Gatherings:

All our groups have free use of the hall for practices, rehearsals or gatherings. The availability of the hall is coordinated by our Cultural Group Chair in cooperation with the hall operator.

10. Community Involvement:

Our Club participates in many local charities, agencies and a variety of municipal projects which benefit our community throughout the year. As a Festhalle during Oktoberfest we have been able to support local tourism. We promote good citizenship and support for our members and friends.

11. Heimattag Bus Subsidy:

The Club may subsidize the cost of bus transportation for cultural groups to travel to the bi-annual Heimattag der Siebenbuerger Sachsen in the U.S.A.

12. Umbrella Organizations:

The Club participates in many Umbrella Organizations. We are members in the Co-operative Council of German-Canadian Clubs, the Landsmannschaft der Siebenbuerger Sachsen, Alliance of Transylvania Saxons of Canada, Oktoberfest Inc. and the German Canadian Congress. By virtue of your membership you have the opportunity to become involved at a more global, business and/or political level.

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