Ballroom_2016Tanzleiter: Hailey Rich, Liam Schatz, Justin Schatz & Amanda Mooser

The Ballroom Dance Group is a group that forms bi-annually. Every two years we offer our youth between ages 14-20 the opportunity to learn introductory ballroom dancing. The graduating class consists of couples who over the course of eight months, have put great effort into learning such dances as the cha-cha, tango, Viennese waltz, slow waltz, rumba, polka and foxtrot. The members of this group are invited and encouraged to join our youth dance group after graduating.

The graduation performance takes place at our annual member’s night in April. Family, friends and club members attend to watch these young people demonstrate the dances learned and receive their graduation certificates. The dance instructors for this group are Miss Hailey Rich and Mr. Michael Schatz. If you would like to participate in ballroom instruction in the future, please contact the club office and a representative of the cultural group will contact you.

Bowling League - Kegelgruppe

Leiter: David Green

The Transylvania Bowling League was founded over 30 years ago. Members bowl every other Friday at 6:30 pm at Towne Bowl on Ottawa St. in Kitchener. The league currently has fifteen members. Our bowling season runs from September to April, with a banquet in May. In September of 2010 we joined the bowling group of the Alpine Club so that we can continue to bowl as a group. The Bowling Group is also a member of the German Canadian Bowling Association, which hosts a bowling Tournament each year at the end of April.

The Group is led by Mr David R Green. Everyone is welcome to participate and we welcome members and non members so please come out and join us for a fun evening and good exercise.

Children's Group - Kindergruppe

Leiterin: Lorraine Principi

Our children’s group is a very active mix of boys and girls ages 4 – 12. They get together every Tuesday from September until May for the purpose of promoting friendship and a sense of belonging to our large cultural family. This group is a vital part of our club as we will be relying on them to continue our traditions and culture in the future years to come.

The children learn to sing German and English folk songs, do crafts, play games and perform simple folk dances. Twice a year they are called upon to perform at our Christmas pageant and our Mother’s Day program at the club. They have also performed at our annual Trachtenball and Heimattag.

Hofbräu Band

Hofbrau BandPresident: Jim Glasser
Director: Andrea Emrich

The Transylvania Hofbrau Band is a brass band made up of members 19-75 in age and rehearses on a weekly basis. The band has been entertaining us for over 50 years. They have performed throughout Ontario as well as in the musical tours of Germany, Austria and the United States. They play a variety of German folk songs, classical, marching and dance music. Over the past 50 years they played at the first Oktoberfest, have produced a record, a video as well as participated in a special feature production for Rogers Cable Systems. Their director is Andrea Emrich.

Ladies Auxiliary Group - Frauenverein

2018 Executive
President: Sylvia Hartig
1st Vice-President: Heidi Lowrick
2nd Vice-President: Katie Mathes
Secretary: Rosemarie Rawlings
1st Treasurer: Trudy Schneider
2nd Treasurer: Rosemarie Rawlings
Genesungskarten: Helgard Werner
Auditors: Helgard Werner & Rosemarie Gellner


In 1932 the Saxon Women’s Organization was founded which was a part of the then Saxon Club Sick Benefits organization. There were both Schwaben and Transylvania Saxons in this group. The women were responsible for the successes of the dancing parties and picnics. In 1951 the Ladies Auxiliary Group (Frauenverein) became a reality. It provides a social interaction network for our female members. The group participates in all aspects of the club with particular emphasis on social events. The annual Frauenball or Ladies Banquet and Dance is held on the first Saturday of February. It is a themed event and draws a sell out crowd each year. In 2014 the theme was A Night in Vienna. The Frauenverein is also involved in events such as Trachtenball, Mother’s Day, Oktoberfest making the pigtails and cabbage rolls, display at Pioneer’s Day, baking for their Christmas Bazaar, decorating the club for many of its events, setting up halls for banquets and in general promoting the Transylvania Club with archives, displays in the community, and supporting the other groups under the cultural umbrella. In December of each year the Frauenverein has a Ladies Christmas Dinner with an attendance of over 100 ladies. It is a special event just for ladies and dinner is served to us by the men of the Transylvania Club board of directors.

Seniorengruppe - Seniors Group

Leiter: Mathias Wolf

Established 1998. The Seniors meet every third Wednesday of the month for lunch and fellowship. They share jokes, read stories, watch films, play bingo and socialize. Occasionally they go on bus trips. They have an annual Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and great entertainment.

Transylvania Chor - Transylvania Choir


Choir 1President: Gerhard Griebenow
Director: Dieter Conrad

The Transylvania Choir consists of 45+ members ranging in age from 20 – 80+. They are a member of the German-Canadian Saengerbund and have made 4 tours to Europe to perform in Germany, Austria and Romania. They have performed their varied repertoire of both German and English folk songs as well as religious hymns throughout Ontario and the USA. at concerts, homecomings, anniversaries, council meetings and church services. This group was one of the first sub-groups to be founded in the 1950’s and is still very active and involved in club life. The highlight of their year is their annual spring concert, to which guest choirs are invited to perform. The Choir meets Monday evenings at 7 pm for regular practices. The Musical Director is Mr. Dieter Conrad and the Choir President is Mr. Gerhard Griebenow.


Youth Dance Group - Jugend Tanzgruppe

Dance Group 2015

Transylvania Club Dance Group at Trachtenball, 2015

President: Justin Schatz
Vice President: Amanda Mooser
Secretary: Victoria Gondosch
Treasurer: Katelyn Emrich
Miss Transylvania 2019: Kenzie Sharratt

The Transylvania Club Dance Group consists of our youth ages 14 – 23. They perform traditional folk dances throughout the year in two different costumes: the traditional Transylvanian Tracht (folk costume) and German Dirndl and Lederhosen. They take part in multi-cultural events, Oktoberfest, raise money for charities and are very active in our daily club life. In addition to performing throughout the USA and Ontario and most recently Austria and Germany, they have taken on the responsibility of being ambassadors for the club during visits of youth from across Europe and the United States.