Ballroom_2016Tanzleiter: Hailey Rich, Liam Schatz, Justin Schatz & Amanda Mooser

The Ballroom Dance Group is a group that forms bi-annually. Every two years we offer our youth between ages 14-20 the opportunity to learn introductory ballroom dancing. The graduating class consists of couples who over the course of eight months, have put great effort into learning such dances as the cha-cha, tango, Viennese waltz, slow waltz, rumba, polka and foxtrot. The members of this group are invited and encouraged to join our youth dance group after graduating.

The graduation performance takes place at our annual member’s night in April. Family, friends and club members attend to watch these young people demonstrate the dances learned and receive their graduation certificates. The dance instructors for this group are Miss Hailey Rich and Mr. Michael Schatz. If you would like to participate in ballroom instruction in the future, please contact the club office and a representative of the cultural group will contact you.