Ladies Auxiliary Group – Frauenverein

2017 Executive
President: Elke Hensel-Williams
1st Vice-President: Hannelore Maiterth
2nd Vice-President: Claudia Griebenow
Secretary: Cynthia Mooser
1st Treasurer: Trudy Schneider
2nd Treasurer: Rosemarie Rawlings
Genesungskarten: Helgard Werner

In 1932 the Saxon Women’s Organization was founded which was a part of the then Saxon Club Sick Benefits organization. There were both Schwaben and Transylvania Saxons in this group. The women were responsible for the successes of the dancing parties and picnics. In 1951 the Ladies Auxiliary Group (Frauenverein) became a reality. It provides a social interaction network for our female members. The group participates in all aspects of the club with particular emphasis on social events. The annual Frauenball or Ladies Banquet and Dance is held on the first Saturday of February. It is a themed event and draws a sell out crowd each year. In 2014 the theme was A Night in Vienna. The Frauenverein is also involved in events such as Trachtenball, Mother’s Day, Oktoberfest making the pigtails and cabbage rolls, display at Pioneer’s Day, baking for their Christmas Bazaar, decorating the club for many of its events, setting up halls for banquets and in general promoting the Transylvania Club with archives, displays in the community, and supporting the other groups under the cultural umbrella. In December of each year the Frauenverein has a Ladies Christmas Dinner with an attendance of over 100 ladies. It is a special event just for ladies and dinner is served to us by the men of the Transylvania Club board of directors.